Johnson & Johnson Drug Recall Update: Pharmaceutical Company Not Cooperating According to Oversight Committee

The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform are accusing Johnson & Johnson of being uncooperative, providing false information, and employing delay tactics during its interactions with the House Committee. The congressional investigation launched on May 27, 2010 against Johnson & Johnson, was done so in response to widespread drug recalls by the pharmaceutical company.

According to the House Committee, Johnson & Johnson told members of its staff that the recall involves 6 million bottles of children’s medicine, but then informed the FDA that the recall actually involved more than 136 million bottles. The chairman of the House Committee, Edolphus Towns, said, “We need to know where the spin is and where the truth begins.”
Johnson & Johnson has denied the allegations claiming the company provided misinformation, instead providing an alternate interpretation for the wide discrepancy between the two values. Its spokesperson stated that the discrepancy in numbers was in response to two different questions from government officials. Johnson & Johnson says the 6 million bottles refers to the total number of the product in stores at the time of the recall, while the 136 million bottles refers to the estimated amount in the hands of customers.

However, it is unclear whether these estimates include the two new recalled products Johnson & Johnson added to its recall list as of yesterday. Benadryl Allergy Ultratab tablets and Extra Strength Tylenol have now be added to the list of recalled Johnson & Johnson products.

The already recalled products include Children’s Benadryl, Children’s Motrin, Children’s Tylenol, and Infants’ Tylenol. A complete list of all the recalled Tylenol products can be found at the company’s website.

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