Illinois Commuter Train Derailment Results in New Speed Limits

While speeding in any vehicle is never a good idea, for trains it can have disastrous consequences. Train speed limits are posted for a reason and can vary based on weather, track condition, or the length of the train. When these speed limits are ignored it can result in deadly train accidents.

The Northeast Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation, a.k.a. Metra, recently reached a settlement with a Chicago resident who was injured in a 2003 train crash. The Metra conductor had been faulted for driving at increased speeds and was apparently distracted when he was going 68 mph in a 10 mph crossover. Following this Illinois train accident the speed limit in the area has been reduced by up to 40 mph.

The injured man was a passenger when the Metra commuter train derailed near 47th Street in Chicago and sustained a fractured arm, broken ribs, and spinal damage. During the case’s discovery period Metra had admitted liability for the train accident. The case was settled for $2 million.

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