Arthritis Pain Can Be Eased By Certain Foods Found in Mediterranean Diet According to Several Studies

Arthritis is becoming more and more of a common problem with research showing that as many as one in four Illinois residents suffering from some form of arthritis. Oftentimes there is no cure for arthritis so scientists are constantly searching for methods of alleviating arthritis pain.

A recent diet analysis involving various types of arthritis examined data from more than 800 patients taken from 15 studies. The analysis focused on several diets that were popular among arthritis patients.

A Mediterranean-style diet was found to be the most effective and emphasized eating fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, and olive oil while also limiting red meat consumption. Over a 12 weeks those on this diet reported about a 15% reduction in joint pain, but showed no improvement in morning stiffness or physical function.

The study showed that similar results could be achieved through a vegetarian diet that included eggs and dairy. Other research has suggested that consuming daily capsules of fish oil along with antirheumatic medications yielded greater benefits for tender and swollen joints than when the medications were taken on their own. These results are suspected to be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of oils.

The studies also found that certain foods can aggravate arthritis pain. Some vegetables have increased inflammation in sensitive people, such as potatoes and tomatoes. But by following a diet that gradually removes suspect foods, patients can identify any potentially problematic foods and improve their degree of arthritic joint pain.

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