$28 Million Jury Verdict in Bus-Car Crash that Left Teenager Paralyzed

A Minnesota jury has signed a $28 million verdict for the injuries suffered by a teenager who is now a quadriplegic after the car in which she was passenger was struck by a school bus. The crash occurred in 2009 when Paige Anderson was just 16 years old.  Another passenger in that car was killed in the crash.

The case was tried to a jury in Itasca County, which assigned 10% of the fault for the crash to the bus driver. The rest of the liability was placed on the driver of the vehicle in which Paige Anderson was seated. The attorney representing her said that both drivers are insured against claims like this, but the insurance coverage is substantially less than this verdict. The attorney representing Paige Anderson was Stephanie Ball.

“Awards this large are very rare in greater Minnesota, but this was a unique and heartbreaking case,” Ball stated, adding that the jurors’ verdict “recognizes the tragic injuries suffered by a young woman whose life was just getting started.”

The jury’s verdict was made considering the past and future medical expenses that Paige Anderson would face as well as past and future pain and suffering, her permanent disability, her disfigurement, emotional distress and loss of earning capacity. Taken together the damages are extremely large and justified considering the horrendous injuries suffered by Anderson.

The verdict may be appealed by the school district, which was the defendant in this case.

According to the report of this case, the Minnesota State Patrol accident reconstruction of the crash found that both drivers lacked sufficient attention to the roadway. The car driving westbound pulled out in front of the bus onto Highway 169.  Attorney Ball said the patrol officer cited excessive bus speed as another contributing factor that caused this crash.

The school bus broadsided the Anderson vehicle and dragged it about 100 feet before it came to a stop. The driver of the Anderson car was another teenager who survived her injuries. The bus driver was only slightly injured.

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