Dangers of Illinois Intersection Car Accidents Highlighted By Recent Chicago Auto Accident: Two South Suburban Cook County Motorists Left in Critical Condition

Intersections are prime spots for Illinois car accidents. As drivers and pedestrians you should be extra cautious at intersections and crosswalks. A recent Chicago car accident illustrates just how dangerous intersections can be.

On the evening of January 10, 2010, an Illinois driver ran a red light on Chicago’s Southside and struck another vehicle. While the driver was cited for his negligence by the Chicago police, the Chicago car crash left two individuals from the second car in critical condition.

Unlike other areas of the roadway, where drivers are driving in similar directions, at intersections there are many different directions of traffic that converge. For example, in the above Illinois car crash, the driver running the red light struck the other car who was attempting to make a left-hand turn. Presumably when the driver was looking to turn left he was looking to make sure that oncoming traffic was clear and not for any drivers that were potentially disobeying the traffic signals.

While it is always a good idea to be a defensive driver and aware of your surroundings, this is even more important at an intersection. When auto accident victims are interviewed they often say that the other driver came out of nowhere. This could be attributed to the fact that there are so many factors to be aware of in an intersection yet our eyes cannot be looking everywhere at once. Therefore, when a driver comes from an unlikely source, e.g. from running a red light, it might seem that they appeared out of thin air. So please practice extra caution when driving or walking in intersections and make sure to always obey all signals and rules of the road in order to avoid potentially deadly Illinois auto accidents.

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