Illinois Motorcycle Accident Involving Father and Daughter Settled Against Maintenance Worker

Motorcycle accidents in Illinois and nationwide are often more severe than car or truck accidents. Due to the nature of motorcycles, the riders are often more vulnerable than those within a car or truck. A recent Illinois motorcycle accident settlement involving a father and daughter illustrates just how dangerous a motorcycle accident can be.

A father and daughter were riding a motorcycle together in Joliet, Illinois when they were struck by a pick-up truck that failed to yield the right of way. The father was driving the motorcycle with his 15 year-old daughter seated behind him; both were thrown from the motorcycle when it was struck by the pick-up truck.

The 15 year-old girl’s ankle was severely broken and the father sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured wrist and ankle. Meanwhile the truck driver sustained little or no injuries. In the two years since the accident the girl has required multiple surgeries and is scheduled for an additional surgery this year that will fuse the bones in her ankle. This fusion surgery will limit her mobility and flexion of her ankle.

The severity of the daughter’s injuries is reflected in the large amount of the settlement reached by plaintiff’s attorneys against the truck driver and his employer. The final settlement was for $6 million and $5.25 million of that was awarded to the daughter alone. While no Illinois car or truck accident is positive, Illinois motorcycle accidents often result in more severe and lasting injuries.

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