Illinois Governor Blagojevich Has Yet to Resign Even as His Chief of Staff Resigns

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has submitted a motion to the Illinois Supreme Court to requesting the removal of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich from office.

The motion challenges Blagojevich’s fitness to hold office and serve as Illinois’ governor following the governor’s recent arrest. The complaint filed under United States of America v. Blagojevich, et al. includes two counts accusing the governor and his chief of staff, John Harris, of dishonest dealings such as the “senate seat shakedown” and other crimes connected to the office of the governor.

While Blagojevich has yet to resign, his chief of staff, John Harris, stepped down today. The Harris resignation came in as the Illinois Attorney General was filing her motion with the Illinois Supreme Court to force the governor out of office. Many hope that Blagojevich will follow his chief of staff’s example.

There has been overwhelming cries from top to bottom in Illinois for Blagojevich to resign. But in spite of those many and influential loud voices, he remains in office currently. If and when he does resign, the governor’s duties would temporarily be taken over by Lt. Governor Patrick Quinn.

The current scandal calls to mind such disgraced politicians as Richard Nixon to the Elliot Spitzer. It may not be long before Blagojevich himself is the one standing at a podium bidding farewell to his office that has been thrown into chaos following the allegations of his wrongdoings.

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