Illinois Car Crash and Medical Malpractice Combo Case Settles for 1.9 Million – Khourny v. Sarmed Elias, M.D., et al.

Many people’s circumstances never require them to file one lawsuit, let alone two. Yet within the span of four months Jihan Khourny was injured on two different occasions, leading to her filing two different, but related lawsuits – one being an Illinois personal injury lawsuit, the other an Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit. Both cases recently settled for a combination of $1.9 million. Khourny v. Sarmed Elias, M.D., et al., No. 07 L 3871.

The personal injury claim arose from a car crash that occurred in Elgin, Illinois. Khourny was driving along Route 31 when she was hit by another car. The Illinois car accident lawsuit was brought against the driver of the other vehicle and settled for $100,000. The plaintiff was claiming property damage to her vehicle and a neck injury as a result of the car accident.

Shortly after the accident Khourny began seeking medical treatment for her neck injury. Her doctor recommended she try cortisone injections as part of her treatment plan. Cortisone injections are typically given to relieve inflammation and pain and are used for a wide variety of complaints, including arthritis, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The plaintiff’s cortisone injection was meant to be given into the epidural space around her spinal cord in order to treat her cervical spine pain. However, according to the plaintiff’s medical malpractice complaint, the cortisone injection was placed directly into her spinal cord. As a result of this medical negligence, the plaintiff now has limited use of her right hand and arm and numbness to the right side of her face, head, and back.

The Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit was brought against the surgeon administering the steroid injection, his medical group, and the surgical center. Prior to going to trial the defendants settled for $1.8 million, bringing the plaintiff’s total award to $1.9 million for both the Illinois personal injury lawsuit and the Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit.

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