Cook County Jury Finds in Favor of Backing Out Driver in Parking Garage Incident

Twenty-two-year-old Bryan Widstrand was driving into a parking garage at Concordia University in River Forest, Ill., when 19-year-old Paige Kecseg backed out of a parking spot and hit the passenger side of Widstrand’s car. Widstrand contended that the impact caused him to suffer herniated discs at C5-6 and C6-7. In addition, he complained of headaches, neck/back and shoulder pain as well as numbness in his right forearm and two fingers. He also claimed the accident-related injuries caused him to become dependent on pain medicine resulting in rehabilitation at MacNeal Hospital for drug dependency.

The defendant denied that she was negligent and argued that the plaintiff was speeding. Kecseg contended that there were inconsistencies in Widstrand’s testimony at trial and denied that he was injured. She pointed to the fact that the plaintiff had gone on numerous trips since the accident, including two visits to Europe and a mountain hiking trip one month prior to the trial. 

This case was a one-day “stipulated facts” trial with Judge Michael Panter of the Circuit Court of Cook County. The judge read the medical treatment summary to the jury. The attorney for Widstrand reported that he asked the jury for approximately $150,000 while the defendant’s attorney reported that the plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury for a verdict of $209,637. The offer to settle before trial was $4,350 with a demand to settle at $100,000.

The jury’s verdict in favor of the defendant was entered. 

Bryan Widstrand v. Paige Kecseg, No. 11 L 10453 (Cook County).

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