Civil Justice Advocacy Program at Baltimore AAJ Conference Promotes High Quality Trial Training

The American Association of Justice (AAJ) is an organization dedicated to supporting plaintiff trial lawyers. From September 23, 2010 through September 26, 2010, the AAJ hosted a case workshop for trial lawyers in Baltimore, MD. Chicago personal injury attorney Robert Kreisman of Kreisman Law Offices was selected as a faculty member for the Baltimore workshop.

The workshop focused on working up specific cases for trial. Trial lawyers in attendance were encouraged to bring their real cases for pending trials so that they could be fine-tuned by their peers. Along with other trial lawyers and trial consultants, lawyers from around the country brought their own cases to be tested, analyzed and sequenced for upcoming trials.

This legal education program has been a regular of the AAJ for many years. The program schedule began each day with morning presentations made by experienced trial lawyers and trial consultants who shared their vast knowledge on a range of topics. The afternoons then involved various workshops where small groups of three to four attorneys focused on specific cases and topics.

While the program only spanned three short days, each day was packed with information and activities. Although the participants work long hours on their cases at the program, the net result was rewarding, with each lawyer leaving with valuable suggestions and insights into their upcoming cases.

The program was designed to sharpen trial lawyers individual skills and enable them to communicate better with juries. Jury communication can make or break a trial lawyer’s case and is a key skill for even experienced attorneys to work on. Jury trends change and vary based on region and composition; picking a jury and presenting a compelling case at trial is a valuable skill and one that no trial lawyer underestimates.

Kreisman Law Offices has been handling Illinois personal injury lawsuits for over 30 years, serving those areas in and around Cook County, including Oak Lawn, Evanston, Wheaton, and Palatine.

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