Class Action Settlement in Chicago Hospital Overcharing Case Grants Patients Vouchers for Future Services

Chicago-based Resurrection Health Care has dispensed with a class action lawsuit by settling with uninsured patients who allegedly were excessively charged. Under the settlement agreement these patients will be issued vouchers for future health services at Resurrection Health Care facilities. Niewinski et al. v. Resurrection Health Care.

Notices have been sent to some 220,000 former patients informing them that they might qualify for the vouchers. The value of each voucher to be awarded will be determined on an individual basis and depend on payments that the uninsured patient made to the hospitals. In order to be considered for a voucher, a patient must have paid some or all of at least a $500 medical bill during a one year period from September 2001 to September 2008.

It is important to note that although Resurrection agreed to this settlement, it continues to deny any allegations of wrongdoing. However, since the settlement it has modified its billing structure and reduced the charges to all uninsured patients.

Resurrection Health Care System’s network includes the following Chicago hospitals: Resurrection Medical Center, St. Mary and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center. The extended network also includes St. Francis Hospital of Evanston, West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, Holy Family Medical Center in Des Plaines, and West Lake Hospital in Melrose Park, Illinois.

For more information on obtaining your voucher, please contact Resurrection Health Care.

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