Chicago Fleet Phospho-Soda Case Returns Multi-Million Dollar Verdict

I recently came across a case where a Chicago jury returned a verdict of $3.4 million for the plaintiff who had been prescribed Fleet Phospho-Soda Buffered Saline Laxative for a colonoscopy procedure.

The case centered on the physician who had prescribed Fleet Phospho-Soda, an over-the-counter oral laxative used to cleanse the system pre-colonoscopy. Recent studies of Fleet Phospho-Soda have shown that the drug can pose a risk of kidney damage in patients with kidney disease.

Prior to being prescribed the oral laxative the plaintiff had blood work done that showed chronic kidney disease. During the trial the plaintiff alleged that the physician should have instead prescribed an alternative drug that posed no risk to the kidneys. The plaintiff ended up suffering from renal failure and required dialysis for two and half years.

Fleet Phospho-Soda has been the subject of multiple pharmaceutical lawsuits connected to its use, including those in Illinois. It is found to cause kidney damage, renal failure and other kinds of kidney ailments.

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