Chicago Blizzard Makes Record Books, Dubbed “Snowpocalypse”

In the days leading up to the 2011 Blizzard, Chicagoans were faced with reports of large amounts of snow on the horizon, along with potential flood conditions and thunder snow. However, while some cities would shut down, Chicago bustled on and continued its workday. A city apparently so sceptical of weathermen that we refused to believe the snow was really coming until it came.

It wasn’t until mid-Tuesday that businesses began to close down in anticipation of the impending storm. Kreisman Law Offices closed its doors early on February 1st so its employees would make it home from its loop office before the storm made travel impossible. And, like many other local businesses, Chicago’s Kreisman Law Offices remained closed the following day.

Reports from The Chicago Weather Center indicated that the blizzard of 2011 was the third snowiest storm in Chicago’s history. Taking the first position was the 23.0 inches that fell in the blizzard of 1967, followed by 21.6 inches in 1999. By final count the 2011 blizzard came in third, with 20.2 inches.

Dubbed “Snowpocalypse,” the 2011 blizzard did indeed bring with a lot of snow. And while there was the great debacle with the hundreds of cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive after the city elected not to close the road despite flash flood warnings, all in all the 2011 blizzard passed by relatively uneventfully. Because of the advanced warnings many Chicagoans had of the impending snow storm, many people heeded the city’s warnings and stayed home rather than venturing out into it. Therefore, there were a relatively low number of Chicago car accidents during the blizzard itself.

In addition, the big story of the blizzard should not be the mayor office’s Lake Shore Drive screw up, but should instead be the way Chicago neighbors bounded together to help get Chicago back to pre-blizzard conditions. While the city’s plows did a commendable job of keeping the major throughways clean, the city’s countless side streets did not fare so well. However, rather than simply waiting for the city’s plows to make their way to their streets, many Chicagoans began pitching in and shoveled their whole streets out. Within a relatively short time, much of Chicago was functioning at a relatively normal rate less than 48 hours after the Snowpocalypse thanks to the efforts of city hall and the people of Chicago.

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